• January 18, 2022

Pogo Games sign Problems and solutions firmly affixing them

Pogo Help is an online gaming portal in which many users like you can find a list of exclusive games ranging from adventure to science fiction. And since the number of users may grow anytime, it is casual to face Pogo Games sign Problems which later on entertains issues related to various pop-up blockers.

However, enabling and disabling pop-ups is necessary because many a time, it may happen that our gaming portal did not work properly as a pop-up blocker is enabled. Or the portal now demands disabling the pop-up blocker to allow other useful pop-ups to appear on screen for better site navigation and as a result, satisfactory user experience.

 Solutions that can fix sign in or pop-related issues of your Pogo Help account

 Pop-up blockers have their own advantages and disadvantages and for you, it is necessary to note them down so that your gaming experience isn’t compromised in any situation. Furthermore, you won’t feel like giving a call to our toll-free Pogo games support number once you implement these steps sincerely and tech-savvily.

  1. Disable Pop-Up Blocker

When you are clicking on a particular link of a game on our portal, it would be wiser to proceed ahead with: –

  • Pressing, holding the Ctrl + Alt + Shift till a pop-up window appears.
  • Click the button named Play Now which will run a test program and identify if the pop-up blocker is disabled.
  • Wait till the program is executed successfully.
  • Kudos!! Your pop-up blocker is now disabled.

 2. Enable Pop-Up Blocker

 Before you learn how to enable pop-up blocker, you must check if pogo is not down. If it is down, then there will be no benefit of enabling a pop-up. But if it is working ok, then: –

  • You should open Google Chrome and hit the three-dot symbol.
  • Select settings, then at upper-left, click on Privacy and Security.
  • Wait and later, scroll down till you reach Pop-ups and redirects. Here, you can enable the pop-up blocker by allowing Pogo Help to use pop-ups and redirects for a particular period.

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